Now we run away from the boys in the blue

Love blog!

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately but…school, just…it’s too much and I need to focus on that, since the start of September my life is just school Monday to Friday and sleeping Saturday to Sunday, so I’m too lazy and too busy for tumblr, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be here at all, just not that much. Aaaand second thing, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY, YAAAY, I’m 17 now and I feel old, lol, but 17 is my favorite number so yeah, but the worst part of this is that next year I will be an adult (in my country we’re considered as adults as soon as we turn 18) but I don’t drink or smoke so it doesn’t matter, I will probably donate some blood, but that’s far from now, okay, it’s 21:24 right now, I need to do my workout (which I’ve been doing for two weeks now, yes!) and then I’m going to sleep, so yeah, Happy Birthday to me!